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Every time an exercise by the pool then. If you carry a kick to the board, but do not catch the kick plate board, then kicked in the pool is a resumed. Because the Olympic gold medal swimmer Amanda Beard that Allaah to hear in a pool of water with high neck. Then, using both hands to hold the sheet kick board. Stretch arms straight forward. Then two legs toe Perpendicular lifting one knee up, then switch sides and hold repeat 5-10 times to help tighten the thigh and calf to be pretty.


To burn more calories with exercise is how it always results in weight loss. Especially if it can burn approximately 300 calories per day, which we can do by bike. Or run continuously for 35 minutes, then resting for a while, then turn on the DVD dancing aerobics for another 45 minutes if done regularly coupled with a controlled amount of food to suit the needs of the body. Excess weight will gradually drop and make it more healthy.


Practice poised to strengthen balance to the body with one leg to stand on his left leg with eyes closed and arms outstretched stands poised to 30-60 seconds, switch sides and repeat. Or standing with one leg, left leg crossed eyes and stands poised to 30-60 seconds, switch sides and repeat. But if they fall, to stand near the wall. Or a strong chair In order to be lean, not fall to me before.


Exercise not only keeps us fit and firm shape only. But also make better oral health as well. The research from Case Western University found that adults who exercise for 30 minutes five times a week at moderate levels. Reduces the risk of gingivitis by up to 42 percent, which means a lower risk of heart disease as well. Because heart disease is often caused by oral bacteria that enters the heart through the bloodstream.




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