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7 สิ่งที่คุณสามารถทำได้ก่อนเที่ยงเพื่อลดน้ำหนัก

These movements can take to make you lose weight all day.


Did you know that the FIFO is. Might actually have something come when we lose weight.

How we use the most. The first light of the morning to make us feel more alert and energetic and made us focus attention and make the idea is simple, and eventually becomes a habit. These will help you to approach weight loss goals more.

There is also the psychological aspect is that when you start the day with success in something that is in your list. You are less likely to delay the next day goes.

The seven movements of this is part of what needs to be done every morning and keep track of what you do with effort than you think.

Little sleep late.


Sure you do not want to wake up late. In order to hurry up and get to work on time. But to give yourself an extra half hour delay, you can make a difference to you.

Brittany Kohn said dietitian in New York City. Lack sleep There is a tendency to make you eat throughout the day.

There are also studies that show that. If insufficient sleep affects certain hormones. The negative effect on metabolism.



Opening the curtains in the morning and UV light, which will result in you having a better mood and more energy. And a recent study found. People who have been in the sun all day just to have a body mass index or BMI than those who do not sunbathe at all.

Why is this? Researchers thought Light or radiation in the morning to help balance the body clock even more. Especially to metabolism work better.



You’ve probably heard a million times that eating a healthy breakfast can provide energy and satisfy. Useless to resist appetite throughout the day.

But the consumption of complex carbohydrates alone will not get fat, protein, carbohydrates with little.

That is what will make you feel full and are encouraged to maintain blood sugar levels. An easy way to get protein. Eating egg white and wheat bread or served with yogurt and fruit was.

Drinking water in the morning


Kohn said the food pieces will make you more satisfied. But drinking a glass of water in the morning helps reduce swelling, and flush with the body.

If your appetite To drink lemonade or lemon instead. The flavor of this fruit to provide sweetness without the need for added sugar and calories. (We’re talking about 100 calories per 8-ounce glass one).

Exercise to sweat


Are you one of those people who exercise in the morning or do not like to run or yoga DVD or workout in the morning?

Exercise stimulates the metabolism, helps with appetite. And make you think positively and achieve even more. But if you do not exercise. You should hurry to take advantage of this exercise.

Even just 10 minutes of stretching, yoga or just running in place that makes the blood flow better. Exercise makes the body movements and metabolism will work better. So we should take regular exercise.

Candy is wrapped


The box lunch to eat itself is a good idea. But it takes a lot of preparation in the morning. Therefore, attention should be given to preparing food with health benefits. The health food or snacks that are low in calories.

The fare is a good option. Snacks that can be eaten during the day. And valuable nutrition and can contribute to weight loss. You could carry in your pocket. Almonds or an apple with peanut butter on a slice. To help us reduce appetite and help even more satisfied. It also has less calories Already have health benefits as well.

Walk as part of the work.


Try to park far away from the office for a while, or try walking a short stride. Rather than jumping on the bus or train.

The advantage is that it can be an excuse to keep us moving around. The minor burn calories and your metabolism.

Also a recent study found. People who do not drive to work will have a lower body mass index, or BMI who drive to work.



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